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Wolves were once common over all of North America. The wolf is a social animal, and usually lives within the same pack for most or all, of its life. The range of most wolf packs is about 80 to 100 square miles. Though wolves depend on animals for food, wild wolves are fearful of humans. The wolf however, has aquired the reputation of being a dangerous killer which has led to the developement of government predator control programs. By the 1950's wolves had been 'successfully' exterminated from most of their range within the United States of America.

This beautiful animal is about to dissappear from the face of North America.


Meet some of the residents of Wolf Haven International. Click on the thumbnails below for some outstanding photos of a few of the wolves at Wolf Haven.

Visit Wolf Haven International for more information and a collection of excellent photos by people that are working to make a difference in the preservation of the American Wolf.

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Gyrene Little John ...Napanee..
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Morning Star Kiowa Teka
Photos Courtesy of © Wolf Haven International : All rights reserved - do not copy without permission


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