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These images and links are provided by individuals and organizations with a genuine respect for the animals of this world who have fallen victim to eradication, poaching, habitat destruction, or in general mankinds' attempt at creating his own habitat and financial security on this ever changing planet we call Earth.

The size of the images used on this web page may have been altered so as to provide fast loading and optimal presentation. To see better photos with higher resolution, I recommend that you visit the web sites of the photographers to whom these photos are credited. Their links are provided below each group of photos. These persons also have a much larger photo selection than is provided here.

Be sure to check back on this page from time to time as this subject is one that deeply affects the very core of my ideals. I'll be looking to provide more and accurate information and links in hopes that the public who accesses these pages can be more educated to the plight of these animals some of which are on the verge of extinction.

American Mountain Lion and the Florida Panther

To read more about the Florida Panther and those who are trying to help this cat in it's plight to survive please visit the Florida Panther Society through the link provided below.

Images from the PANTHER PAGE

These are American Mountain Lions that were taken to be used as pets. Though individuals may have noble intentions wanting to keep wild animals as pets, these animals often suffer because most people do not have the knowledge to properly care for them. Wild animals should not be kept as pets and only trained professionals should attempt to care for these animals. Sometimes this is necessary as most wild animals raised in captivity cannot be returned to the wild without extensive conditioning to break dependence they have developed to their keepers. Some will never return to the wild.

To find out more about some of these persons who cares for abandoned or abused "Wild Cougar Pets" visit the "Cougars Den" for beautiful photos, free web graphics, and and informative links.


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