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Winzip is probably the most popular file compression utility on the market today. A modern version of PK Zip, Winzip provides for easy file compression and extraction within a Windows environment. Version 6.3 must be used for Windows 3.x systems and Version 8.0 is now available for Windows 95/98/2000/Me systems.

Winzip is a reliable and easy to use compression utility and a free trial version may be downloaded for evaluation from the Winzip Homepage.

Electronic files may consist of documents, pictures, software programs or raw data. The size of any electronic file is measured in Bytes, Kilobytes (1000 bytes) or Megabytes (1,000,000 bytes). Any type of data storage device (floppy disk, hard drive, tape drive, etc.) has a maximum capacity for the amount of data that it can hold. For instance a 3.5" floppy disk has the capacity to hold approximately 1.4 Megabytes of data.

File size reduction - As an example, if you wish to save a file that is 2 Megabytes in size to a floppy disk, then you have a problem. With a file compression utility such as Winzip, most electronic files may be compressed (or zipped) to a portion of their original size creating a file with a ".zip extension" (called a Zip File). This will enable storing the file on a storage device using less storage space than the than the original file would require. So if an electronic file was 2 Megabytes to start with, and it could be compressed to a size of less than 1.4 Megabytes it could then be stored on a floppy disk.

The compression utility may then be used to de-compress (or unzip) the file to it's original state, and used on a computer as required.

Compiling Groups of Files - If a group of files is to be transferred or placed on a storage device for archiving, a compression utility such as Winzip can compress all of the files into one Zip File therefore making the storage or transfer process easier.

The compression utility may then be used to de-compressed the file to all of the original files that were compressed, and used on a computer as required.

Electronic File Transfer - File compression is also valuable for transferring electronic files by e mail, FTP or other means. If the file is reduced in size by compressing it, then there is less data to send or transfer, therefore making the process faster for both sending (uploading) and receiving (downloading).

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